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Musicological Studies and Documents (MSD)

MSD 1  Cymbala (Bells in the Middle Ages). Edited by Jos. Smits van Waesberghe.

MSD 2  Luther Dittmer, Worcester Fragments: A Catalogue Raisonné and Transcription of the Entire Material.

MSD 3  Claude V. Palisca. GIROLAMO MEI (1519–1594), Letters on Ancient and Modern Music to Vicenzo Galilei and Giovanni Bardi. A Study with Annotated Texts. Revised edition.

MSD 4  GEORG MUFFAT (1653–1704), Essay on Thoroughbass. Edited with an introduction by Helmut Federhofer.

MSD 5  JOHANNES TINCTORIS (ca. 1453–1511), The Art of Counterpoint (Liber de arte contrapuncti). Translated and edited by Albert Seay.

MSD 6  HEINRICH GLAREAN (1488–1563), Dodecachordon (1547). Translated, transcribed, and edited by Clement A. Miller in two volumes.

MSD 6-1  Vol. I, [Books 1 and 2].

MSD 6-2  Vol. II, [Book 3].

MSD 7  Hanna Stäblein-Harder, Fourteenth-Century Mass Music in France.

MSD 8  RENÉ DESCARTES (1596–1650), Compendium of Music. Translated by Walter Robert. Introduction and Notes by Charles Kent.

MSD 9  a) ERCOLE BOTTRIGARI (1531–1612), Discorso sopra la musica and
b) VICENZO GIUSTINIANI (1564–1637), Il Desiderio. Complete texts, translated, and edited by Carol MacClintock.

MSD 10  An Early Fifteenth-Century Italian Source of Keyboard Music: The Codex Faenza, Bibliotheca Communale, 117 (early 15th c.), A Facsimile Edition.

MSD 11  Henry William Kaufmann, The Life and Works of NICOLA VICENTINO (1511–ca. 1576).

MSD 12  Ludwig Finscher, LOYSET COMPÈRE (ca. 1450–1518), Life and Works.

MSD 13  The Manscript London, British Museum, Additional 29987 [Lo] (14th c.). A Facsimile Edition. Introduction by Gilbert Reaney.

MSD 14  James Haar, The Tugendsterne of Harsdörffer (1607–1658) and Staden (1607–1655). An Exercise in Musical Humanism.

MSD 15  Jean Maillard, Lais et Chansons d'ERNOUL GASTINOIS (13th c.).

MSD 16  Egon Kenton, GIOVANNI GABRIELI (1555–1612/1613), Life and Works.

MSD 17  Carol MacClintock, GIACHES DE WERT (1535–1596), Life and Works.

MSD 18  Jean Maillard, CHARLES D'ANJOU, Roi-Trouvère du XIIIème siècle.

MSD 19  Cypriot Plainchant of the Manuscript Torino, Biblioteca Nazionale J. II. 9. A Facsimile Edition. Commentary by Richard H. Hoppin.

MSD 20  FRANCHINUS GAFFURIUS (1451–1522), Practica musicae. Translation and transcription by Clement A. Miller.

MSD 21  Judith Cohen, The Six Anonymous L'Homme armé Masses in Naples, Biblioteca Nazionale, MS VI E 40.

MSD 22  Edwin B. Warren, ROBERT FAYRFAX (ca. 1464–1521), Life and Works.

MSD 23  JOHANNES COCHLAEUS (1479–1552), Tetrachordum musices. Translated and edited by Clement A. Miller.

MSD 24  Gaston G. Allaire, The Theory of Hexachords, Solmization and the Modal System.

MSD 25  Le Balet Comique de la Royne, 1581. Translated by Carol and Lander MacClintock; music transcribed by Carol MacClintock.

MSD 26  SEBALD HEYDEN (d.1561), De arte canendi. Translated and transcribed by Clement A. Miller.

MSD 27  Andrew Hughes, Manuscript Accidentals: Ficta in Focus 1350–1450.

MSD 28  Murray C. Bradshaw, The Origin of the Toccata.

MSD 29  PROSDOCIMUS DE BELDEMANDIS (ca. 1380–1428), A Treatise on the Practice of Mensural Music in the Italian Manner. Translated and edited by Jay A. Huff.

MSD 30  Howard Mayer Brown, Sixteenth-Century Instrumentation: The Music for the Florentine Intermedii.

MSD 31  WALTER ODINGTON (born ca. 1278), De speculatione musicae, part VI. Translated by Jay A. Huff.

MSD 32  JEROME CARDAN, Writings on Music. Introduction, translation, and edition by Clement A. Miller.

MSD 33  FRANCHINUS GAFFURIUS (1451–1522), De Harmonia musicorum instrumentorum opus. Edited by Clement A. Miller.

MSD 34  Murray C. Bradshaw, The Falsobordone. A Study in Renaissance and Baroque Music.

MSD 35  Richard Hudson, The Folia, the Saraband, the Passacaglia, and the Chaconne. The Historical Evolution of Four Forms that Originated in Music for the Five-course Spanish Guitar.

MSD 35-1  Vol. I, The Folia.

MSD 35-2  Vol. II, The Saraband.

MSD 35-3  Vol. III, The Passacaglia.

MSD 35-4  Vol. IV, The Chaconne.

MSD 36  Paul F. Cutter, Musical Sources of the Old-Roman Mass: An Inventory of MS Rome, St. Cecilia Gradual 1071; MS Rome, Vaticanum latinum 5319; MSS Rome, San Pietro F 22 and F11.

MSD 37  NICOLAUS BURTIUS, Musices opusculum (1487). Translated and edited by Clement A. Miller.

MSD 38  JOHANNES THOMAS FREIG, Paedagogus (1582), The Chapter on Music. Translated and edited with an Introduction by Jeremy Yudkin.

MSD 39  VINCENZO GALILEI, Fronimo (1584). Translated and edited by Carol MacClintock.

MSD 40  Don Harrán, Word-Tone Relations in Musical Thought: From Antiquity to the Seventeenth Century.

MSD 41  The Music Treatise of Anonymous IV - A New Translation. Translated and edited by Jeremy Yudkin.

MSD 42  Don Harrán, In Search of Harmony: Hebrew and Humanistic Elements in Sixteenth-Century Musical Thought.

MSD 43  Marie Louise Göllner, The Manuscript Cod. lat. 5539 of the Bavarian State Library: With an Edition of the Original Treatises and of the Two-voice Organal Settings.

MSD 44  BARTOLOMEO RAMIS DE PAREIA, Musica practica. Commentary and translation edited by Clement A. Miller.

MSD 45  The Cypriot-French Repertory of the Manuscript Torino MS J.II.9, Report of the International Musicological Congress, Paphos 20–25 March, 1992. Edited by Ursula Günther and Ludwig Finscher.

MSD 46  Dorit Tanay, Noting Music, Marking Culture: The Intellectual Context of Rhythmic Notation 1250–1400.

MSD 47  David Fallows, The Songs of GUILLAUME DUFAY: Critical Commentary to the Revision of Corpus Mensurabilis Musicae, ser. I, Vol. 6.

MSD 48  Richard Charteris, ADAM GUMPELZHAIMER’S Little-Known Score-Books in Berlin and Kraków.

MSD 49  Modality in the Music of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries, Modalität in der Musik des 14. und 15. Jahrhunderts. Edited by Ursula Günther, Ludwig Finscher, and Jeffrey Dean.

MSD 50  Elisabeth Schedensack, Die Solomotetten ISABELLA LEONARDAS (1620–1704). Analysen sämtlicher Solomotetten und ausgewählte Transcriptionen. [The Solo Motets of ISABELLA LEONARDA (1620–1704)]. In 2 parts.

MSD 50-1  Vol. I. Darstellung [Documentation]

MSD 50-2  Vol. II. Analysen und ausgewählte Transcriptionen [Analyse].

MSD 51  Maria Halaburda, Fortuna in weltlichen mehrstimmigen Kompositionen des 14. und frühen 15. Jahrhunderts. Eine Untersuchung textlich-musikalischer Sinnbezüge. [Fortune in Secular Polyphonic Compositions of the 14th and Early 15th Centuries. An Investigation of Textual-Musical Interrelations].

MSD 52  Jürgen Neubacher, Die Musikbibliothek des Hamburger Kantors und Musikdirektors THOMAS SELLE (1599–1663). [The Music-Library of the Hamburg Kantor and Musical Director THOMAS SELLE].

MSD 53  Richard Charteris, Newly Discovered Music Manuscripts from the Private Collection of Emil Bohn.

MSD 54  Theodore Karp, An Introduction to the Post-Tridentine Mass Proper. In 2 parts.

MSD 54-1  Theodore Karp, An Introduction to the Post-Tridentine Mass Proper. Part 1. Text

MSD 54-2  Theodore Karp, An Introduction to the Post-Tridentine Mass Proper. Part 2. Music Examples

MSD 55  Borderline Areas in Fourteenth and Fifteenth-century Music / Grenzbereiche in der Musik des 14. und 15. Jahrhunderts. Edited by Karl Kügle and Lorenz Welker.



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