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Welcome to the Library and Archive information page of the American Institute of Musicology. This page attempts to provide information of use to librarians about the publications of the AIM. Please note that the publications of the Institute are now distributed through an arrangement with Chicago Distribution Center. Ordering and billing is done through the CDC distribution system, but AIM is an independent company. A limited stock of AIM publications are available from our editorial offices in Germany for clients with shipping addresses in the EU.

All volumes that were previously listed as 'out of stock' are now available in unbound offprints sized to fit 8.5x11/A4 acid-free paper. These offprints are available at a substantially discounted price from the original volumes and are intended to be a temporary solution allowing us to keep these volumes available in some form until revisions or new printing of the volumes can be accomplished. If you need volumes to complete your collections and this solution will work for you, please contact us.

AIM has also converted all of its publication data to the new ISBN-13 standard, with unique ISBNs that are connected to the current AIM company. For a concordance table of the old numbers to the new ISBNs, click here.

This site is continually being updated and more data will be added in an attempt to make this site a useful source of information about the Institute's activities and publications. We have now added complete contents of many of the volumes as well as PDF versions of all of the known corrections, updates, or other volume inserts that have appeared with volumes or after their initial publication. We have also added PDF copies of title pages, contents pages, and a few sample paves for all volumes. PDFs of perevious or earlier editions of the volumes are also supplied. If you would like to suggest further enhancements, please contact us.

Special Web Offer for Libraries and Archives

In an effort to put AIM books on the shelves of libraries and archives where they can be used by scholars and performers, AIM has extended the following special offer: If you represent a library or archive, and you purchase a complete run of a single series or multiple series, please contact us to find out how large a discount you may be entitled to receive. Note, however, that some volumes have already exhausted their initial, limited print runs. Unbound offprints of these volumes are now available. For a complete list of the volumes in each series and whether or not they are available in a regular printed edition or as an unbound offprint, please visit the series and individual volume pages through the links at the left of this page.

If you have a need to fill-in or replace a large number of volumes, or to purchase a second copy of a significant number of volumes, please contact us for discount pricing.