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Musical Theorists in Translation



The series Musical Theorists in Translation presents significant theroretical texts in English translation with notes and commentary.

MTT 1 Anonymous IV [Concerning the measurement of polyphonic song], ed. Dittmer  
MTT 1   978-0-91202-421-9   25 cm   72+[1] pp.   Temporarily Out of Stock Contact Us

MTT 2 Robert de Handlo, [Regulae], ed. Dittmer  
MTT 2   978-0-91202-422-6   25 cm   [ii]+44 pp.   $30.00

MTT 3 Nivers, Treatise on the Composition of Music, ed. Cohen  
MTT 3   978-0-91202-414-1   26 cm   [ii]+52 pp.  Temporarily Out of Stock Contact Us

MTT 4 Huygens, Use and Nonuse of the Organ in the Churches of the United Netherlands, ed. Smit-Vanrotte� 
MTT 4   978-0-91202-415-8   26 cm   [iv]+96 pp.  Temporarily Out of Stock Contact Us

MTT 5 Bernier, Principles of Composition, ed. Nelson  
MTT 5   978-0-91202-416-5   25 cm   [ii]+65 pp.  Temporarily Out of Stock Contact Us

MTT 6 �tienne Louli�, Elements or Principles of Music, ed. Cohen  
MTT 6   978-0-91202-426-4   25 cm   xxiii+95 pp.   $60.00

MTT 7 Bacilly, A Commentary upon the Art of Proper Singing, ed. Caswell  
MTT 7   978-0-91202-427-1   30 cm   xxiv+224 pp.   $85.00

MTT 8 Ad organum faciendum & Item de organo, ed. Huff  
MTT 8   978-0-91202-428-8   30 cm   [viii]+67 pp.   $32.00

MTT 9� Corrette & Flute Playing in the 18th Century, ed. Farrar  
MTT 9   978-0-91202-429-5   30 cm   [vi]+63 pp.   $32.00

MTT 10 Turmair (Aventinus), Musicae Rudimenta, ed. Keahey  
MTT 10   978-0-91202-430-1   30 cm   [vi]+[xvii]+62 pp.   $57.00

MTT 11 Mignot de la Voye, Treatise on Music, ed. Gruber  
MTT 11   978-0-91202-431-8   25 cm   [ii]+90+[ii] pp.   $42.00

MTT 12 S�bastien de Brossard, Dictionary of Music, ed. Gruber  
MTT 12   978-0-93190-215-4   25 cm   xii+252 pp.   $85.00

For further titles in this series, consult the Homepage for the IMM.



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