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Corpus of Early Keyboard Music (CEKM)
     Dr. John Caldwell, General Editor

The Corpus of Early Keyboard Music (CEKM) was founded by Willi Apel, and the first volume was devoted to the keyboard music of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries (1963), one of Apel's primary areas of scholarship. Several more volumes were edited by Apel, and the series as a whole remains indicative of his special interests—the largely neglected repertories of Italy, Spain, Germany, and Poland, drawn from both manuscripts and early printed editions.

The guiding principles of the corpus remain as they had been under Apel's General Editorship. There is a preference for publishing well defined repertories, the contents of specific sources, and the collected works of individual composers: the last two of these often coincide, especially as regards printed sources. The essential editorial principles are to respect the integrity of the sources and to provide essential information about them, including lists of variants and errors where appropriate and to the extent that the nature of the material requires it. At the same time the transcriptions are such as to make the music readily accessible to the modern player. Old forms of keyboard notation, such as letter- or number-tablature, are transcribed into staff notation; old clefs are modernized, and open-score originals are given in two-stave transcription. Normally coloration is represented by modern void notation; however, recent editions adopt unreduced note-values and note-forms such as the void quarter note with hooked tail. The older policy of reducing note-values will be retained only for 14th- and 15th-century music.

A number of volumes and sets have appeared in revised editions, and it is planned to issue revisions of others as the opportunity arises. Editors of earlier volumes who are interested in revising their own publications are invited to contact us. Suggestions for future volumes are welcome.

Contents and sample pages can now be viewed for all CEKM titles. You will need to have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view the sample pages. This browser plug-in is available for free at


CEKM 1   Keyboard Music of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries. Edited by Willi Apel.

CEKM 2  MARCO FACOLI, Collected Works. Edited by Willi Apel.

CEKM 3  GIOVANNI SALVATORE (d. 1688?), Collected Keyboard Works. Edited by Barton Hudson.

CEKM 4  HIERONYMUS PRAETORIUS (1560-1629), Magnificats. Edited by Clare G. Rayner.

CEKM 5  BERNARDO PASQUINI (1637–1710), Collected Works for Keyboard. Edited by Maurice Brooks Haynes in 7 volumes.

CEKM 5–1  Vol. I. [Capriccio (2), Fantasia, Ricercare (2), Canzona (3), Fuga, Sonata (2)].

CEKM 5–2  Vol. II. Suites.

CEKM 5–3  Vol. III. [Variations].

CEKM 5–4  Vol. IV. [Variations, Passagagli].

CEKM 5–5  Vol. V. [Toccatas].

CEKM 5–6  Vol. VI. [Toccatas, Sonatas].

CEKM 5–7  Vol. VII. [Figured Bass Sonatas, Misc. works].

CEKM 6  JOHANNES OF LUBLIN (16th. c.), Tablature of Keyboard Music (1540). Edited by John Reeves White in 6 volumes.

CEKM 6–1  Vol. I. [Organ preambula, organ masses, mass ordinary sections].

CEKM 6–2  Vol. II. Introits, Sequences, Hymns, Antiphons.

CEKM 6–3  Vol. III. [Intabulations of motets and other sacred pieces].

CEKM 6–4  Vol. IV. [French, German, and Italian compositions].

CEKM 6–5  Vol. V. [Dances, Polish Songs, Untitled, and Unidentified Works].

CEKM 6–6  Vol. VI. [Tones of the psalms and Magnificat, fundamentum examples, conclusiones, clausulae].

CEKM 7  BERNARDO STORACE (17th c.), Selva di varie compositioni d'intavolatura per cimbalo ed organo. Revised edition, edited by Barton Hudson.

CEKM 8  Keyboard Dances from the Earlier Sixteenth Century. Edited by Daniel Heartz.

CEKM 9  COSTANZO ANTEGNATI (1549-1624), L'Antegnata. Intavolatura de Ricercari de Organo (1608). Edited by Willi Apel.

CEKM 10  Keyboard Music from Polish Manuscripts (17th c.). Edited by Jerzy Golos and Adam Sutykowski.

CEKM 10–1  Vol. I. Organ Chorales of NICOLAUS HASSE and EWALDT.


CEKM 10–3  Vol. III. Fantasias from Ms 300. R. Vv., 123, Archiwum Wojewódzkie, Gdánsk.

CEKM 10–4  Vol. IV. Organ Music by D. CATO, J. PODBIELSKI, M. WARTECKI, P. ZELECHOWSKI and Anonymous Composers.

CEKM 11  GREGORIO STROZZI (early 17th c.–after 1687), Capricci da sonare cembali et organi (1687). Edited by Barton Hudson.

CEKM 12  ERCOLE PASQUINI (b. ca. 1560), Collected Keyboard Works. Edited by W. Richard Shindle.

CEKM 13  JOHANN ULRICH STEIGLEDER (1593–1635), Compositions for Keyboard. Edited by Willi Apel and Collaborators in 2 volumes.

CEKM 13–1  Vol. I. Tabulator Buch Dass Vatter Unser 1627.

CEKM 13–2  Vol. II. Ricercar Tabulatura 1624.

CEKM 14  Spanish Organ Music after Antonio de Cabezon. Edited by Willi Apel.

CEKM 15  MICHELANGELO ROSSI (1601/2–1656), Works for Keyboard. Edited by John R. White.

CEKM 16  ADAM REINCKEN (1623–1722), Collected Keyboard Works. Edited by Willi Apel.

CEKM 17  The Tablature of Celle, 1601. A Collection of Early German Organ Chorales. Edited by Willi Apel.

CEKM 18  CHRISTOPHER GIBBONS (1615–76), Keyboard Compositions. Edited by John Caldwell.

CEKM 19  ELIZABETH ROGERS, Hir Virginall Booke (1656) (British Museum. Add. Ms 10337). Edited by George Sargent.

CEKM 20  GIOVANNI PAOLO CIMA (b. ca. 1570), Partito de Ricercari & Canzoni alla Francese (1606). Edited by Clare G. Rayner.

CEKM 21  BENEDICT SCHULTHEISS, Muth- und Geist-Ermuntrender Clavier-Lust, 1679–1680. Edited by Richard Hudson.

CEKM 22  ANTONIO MORTARO, Primo libro de canzoni da sonare, Venice 1600. Edited by Gabriella Gentili (Verona).

CEKM 23  DELPHIN STRUNCK and PETER MOHRHARDT (17th c.), Original Compositions for Organ. Edited by Willi Apel.

CEKM 24  Neapolitan Keyboard Composers (ca. 1600). Edited by Roland Jackson.

CEKM 25  SIMON LOHET (ca. 1550–1611), Compositions for Organ. Edited by Larry W. Peterson.

CEKM 26  PIETER CORNET (16th–17th c.), Collected Keyboard Works. Edited by Willi Apel.

CEKM 27  SAMUEL MARESCHAL (1554–1640), Selected Works. Edited by Jean-Marc Bonhôte.

CEKM 28  The Anders von Düben Tablature. Uppsala, University Library, Instr. Mus. I. Hs. 408. Edited by John Irving.

CEKM 29   Not yet published.

CEKM 30  GIROLAMO FRESCOBALDI (1583–1643), Keyboard Compositions Preserved in Manuscripts. Edited by W. R. Shindle in 3 volumes.

CEKM 30-1  Vol. I. Toccatas.

CEKM 30-2  Vol. II. Capricci, Canzoni, and Other Contrapuntal Compositions.

CEKM 30-3  Vol. III. Hinni, Partite, Corrente.

CEKM 31  JOSÉ JIMENEZ (d. 1678), Collected Organ Compositions. Edited by Willi Apel.

CEKM 32  Seventeenth-Century Keyboard Music in the Chigi Manuscripts of the Vatican Library. Edited by Harry B. Lincoln in 3 volumes.

CEKM 32–1  Vol. I. Liturgical and Imitative Forms.

CEKM 32–2  Vol. II. Toccatas, Dances, and Miscellaneous Forms.

CEKM 32–3  Vol. III. Variation Forms.

CEKM 33  GIOVANNI MARIA RADINO (b. before 1560), Il primo libro d’ intavolatura di balli d’arpicordo. Edited by Susan Ellingworth.

CEKM 34  ANNIBALE PADOVANO (ca. 1527–ca. 1575) and SPERINDIO BERTHOLDO (ca. 1530–1570), Compositions for Keyboard. Edited by Klaus Speer.

CEKM 35  VINCENZO PELLEGRINI (ca. 1560–ca. 1631), Canzoni de intavolatura d'organo fatte alla francese (1599). Edited by Robert B. Lynn.

CEKM 36  CHRISTIAN ERBACH (ca. 1570–1635), Collected Keyboard Compositions. Edited by Clare G. Rayner in 5 volumes.

CEKM 36–1  Vol. I. [Ricercars].

CEKM 36–2  Vol. II. Ricercars.

CEKM 36–3  Vol. III. Fantasias, Fugues, Canzonas.

CEKM 36–4  Vol. IV. Toccatas.

CEKM 36–5  Vol. V. Introits, an Intonation, a Hymn, Magnificats, Kyries, Appendix.

CEKM 37  Keyboard Music at Castell’ Arquato (middle 16th c.). Edited by H. Colin Slim.

CEKM 37–1  Vol. I. Dances and Dance Songs.

CEKM 37–2  Vol. II. Masses, Magnificat, Liturgical Works, Dances, and Madrigals.

CEKM 37–3  Vol. III. Ricercari, Mass Movements, Motet, Chanson, and Madrigal Arrangements.

CEKM 38  GIOVANNI PICCHI (16th–17th c.), Collected Keyboard Works. Edited by J. Evan Kreider.

CEKM 39  The Mylau Tabulaturbuch: Forty selected compositions. Edited by John R. Shannon.

CEKM 40  An Anthology of Keyboard Music from a South-German Manuscript. (München, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Ms Mus. 1581). Edited by Clare G. Rayner in 3 volumes.

CEKM 40–1  Vol. I. Miscellaneous Compositions.

CEKM 40–2  Vol. II. Liturgical Compositions.

CEKM 40–3  Vol. III. Miscellaneous Compositions and Fantasias.

CEKM 41  FRANCESCO BIANCIARDI (1572?–1607), COSTANZO PORTA (ca. 1529–1601), Keyboard Compositions. Edited by Bernhard Billeter.

CEKM 42  LUIGI BATTIFERRI (1600/10–1682), Ricercari. Edited by George G. Butler.

CEKM 43  GIOVANNI CAVACCIO, Sudori Musicali (1626). Edited by J. Evan Kreider.

CEKM 44  English Court & Country Dances of the Early Baroque, from MS Drexel 5612. Edited by Hilda Gervers.

CEKM 45  HANS LEO HASSLER (1562–1612), Toccatas. Edited by Stijn Stribos.

CEKM 46  OTTAVIO BARIOLLA (1573–1619), Keyboard Compositions. Edited by William Young.

CEKM 47  CLAUDIO MERULO, Collected Keyboard Compositions. Edited by Robert Judd and Frank Shelton in 6 volumes.

CEKM 47–1 through CEKM 47–4  Not yet published

CEKM 47–5 Vol. V. Messe d'intavolatura d'organo 1568.

CEKM 48  JUAN CABANILLES AND HIS CONTEMPORARIES, Keyboard Music from the Felanitx Manuscripts. Edited by Nelson Lee in 5 volumes.

CEKM 48–1 Vol. I. [Versets, tones 1–2, nos. 1–162].

CEKM 48–2 Vol. II. Versets 163–286.

CEKM 48–3 Vol. III. Tientos 287–305.

CEKM 48–4 through CEKM 48–5   Not yet published.




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