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American Institute of Musicology
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AIM regularly exhibits a selection of its books, editions, and treatises at early music festivals
in North America and Europe. Representatives of AIM also attend some conferences or
festivals without exhibiting. The AIM offices in Germany are administrative offices only,
and they are not open to public.

If you plan to attend a festival and wish us to bring along a particular item for you to
examine, please let us know.

AIM Conference/Festival Schedule (reverse chronological order):


November 2014  (6–9 Nov 2014)
American Musicological Society, Milwaukee, WI, USA

July 2014 ( 36 July 2014)
Medieval-Renaissance Music Conference, Birmingham, United Kingdom

June 2014 (7–9 June 2014)
Tage Alter Musik-Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany

June 2014 (57 June 2014)
Berkeley Early Music Festival, Berkeley, CA  USA

February 2014 (26 Feb–2 Mar 2013)
Music Library Association, Atlanta, GE, USA

January 2014 (1819 Jan 2014)
Vienna Resonanzen, Vienna, Austria

Unfortunately, we will not be attending the Resonanzen this year.


November 2013 (710 Nov 2013)
American Musicological Society, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

July 2013
International Association of Music Librarians (IAML), Vienna, Austria

June 2013 (1215 June 2013)
Boston Early Music Festival, Boston, MA  USA

May/June 2013 (18
20 May 2013)
Tage Alter Musik-Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany

February 2013 (27 Feb–3 Mar 2013)
Music Library Association, San Jose, CA, USA

January 2013 (1920 Jan 2013)
Vienna Resonanzen, Vienna, Austria