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musica disciplina vol. lii 1998-2002.

md 52   issn: 0077-2461-52
288 pp.   (2003)    $60.00



haines, john. “the transformations of the manuscrit du roi.” musica disciplina 52 (1998-2002):5

reaney, gilbert. “new additions to hothby’s counterpoint treatises and theory.” musica disciplina 52 (1998-2002):45

gissel, siegfried. “die tonarten ionicus connexus in der motetten-sammlung ‘opus melicum’ von friedrich weißensee.” musica disciplina 52 (1998-2002):57

josephson, nors s. “interrelationship between the london street cry settings.” musica disciplina 52 (1998-2002):139

slim, h. colin. “on panassus with maarten van heemskerck: instrumentaria and musical repertoires in three paintings in the u.s.a. part ii.” musica disciplina 52 (1998-2002):181

bradshaw, murray c. “salvation, right thinking, and cavalieri’s rappresentatione di anima, et di corpo (1600).” musica disciplina 52 (1998-2002):233

charteris, richard. “music by giovanni gabrieli and his contemporaries: rediscovered sources in the staats- und universitätsbibliothek, hamburg.” musica disciplina 52 (1998-2002):251

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