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GASPAR VAN WEERBEKE, Collected Works, edited by Gerhard Croll, Eric F. Fiedler, Andrea Lindmayr-Brandl.


CMM 106-1   Not yet published.

CMM 106-2   Not yet published.

CMM 106-3   Vol. III. The Motet Cycles.
1998     c + 57 pp.       Bound copy temporarily out of stock
                                 Unbound 8.5x11(A4) offprint                $36.00

Contents and sample pages (PDF)


CMM 106-4   Vol. IV. Motets. Ed. Agnese Pavanello, et al.
978-1-59551-500-1      1st ed.     lxxx+110 pp.
                           35 cm      2010                     $98.00

                         Contents and sample pages (PDF)



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